Getting Creative When Texting A Girl You Like

exting a women - get creativeTexting is the newest form of communication between people that has taken the world by storm over the past decade or so. It has become so popular that adults and even the elderly are doing it on a continuous daily basis.

Thus, since texting between people has become so popular, it is now a crucial aspect of male to female flirting and pair bonding. Failing to learn how to text a woman properly can lead to symptoms of loneliness, dateless, and generally not a good time for you.

Like anything in life getting creative through thinking outside the box, being different than the norm, or simply applying psychological tactics will help you ensure text message success.

Now lets delve into some of these creative and psychological factors:

1) Mirror Her:

Mirroring in essence is matching a persons mannerisms, tonality, body language, etc to build rapport faster. However, it has to be done rather stealthily to not get noticed by the other person. The idea is for them to subconsciously pick up on your “mirroring”, and feel more rapport with you, but not actually know why or even realize it.  In every day situations you would typically accomplish this by matching the women’s body language. However, when texting a girl you cannot do that, and therefore you want to match things like her texting style. For example if she uses a certain emoticon frequently you can also use that frequently as well. If she uses dots after sentences you can use stuff like that as well. Pretty soon she will start to enjoy your conversations more without realizing why, and this is what you want.

2) The Tease

Teasing is absolutely essential when flirting with a girl over text. In fact you should be flirting pretty much throughout your entire conversation with a women unless it is of a serious matter. Teasing is a pre-cursor to flirting, so it is just one of — but a crucial tactic for building attraction.  When you are teasing a women it should remain fun and flirty at all times. It should also be light hearted and never too serious. Using nicknames, full names, and roleplaying can be great teasing tactics to use in your next texting encounter.

3) Spontaneity and Acting Aloof

This is another crucial factor when attracting someone of the opposite sex. The person who appears to be investing the least amount into the interaction, typically comes off as the least desperate or needy, and thus tends to have more power. With that in mind you should never take anything either of you say too seriously. You should have no attachment to the outcome, which in turn will make what you say come off as more spontaneous and aloof. By being spontaneous you are coming across rather “care-free” to the woman, which can be a refreshment from the typical clingy and needy male.

Remember to add some of these tips in your next text message conversation and you will surely get better results. But dont stop there, continue to do your own research and follow your own creative impulses to zest up the conversation and make it a unique and enjoyable experience for the person on the other end.

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