My Bikini Butt the Next Challenge

So I’ve haven’t updated the site in a while but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been sticking to my goals for this year. If you had read my prior posts you will know that I am choosing to get my somewhat neglected body from a life of intellectual pursuits and dinner time wine and sweets back into shape.  I have since lost another 5 lbs or so and am feeling a whole lot better overall. However, the hardest aspect so far as been the night time cravings from reducing carbohydrates and sugar.

After doing a little bit of nutritional research I have decided to incorporate a cheat meal (not day) once a weak as well as a refeed day. The cheat meal will be something that I particularly crave — usually pizza or fast food.  I notice a lot of people tend to dedicate an entire day to “cheating”, however I feel that would be very counterproductive as I could easily destroy an entire week of dieting in a day of fast food and sweet filled meals.

The refeed day is what I had to do a little research on though. It will consist of lowering my fat intake by about 25-50% from its current daily amount, but increasing carb intake by 200-300%. The immense amount of carbs will help for recovery, glycogen and energy, while the fat reduction will help to ensure calories don’t go up too high.

So that’s about all the news for me. However since I have been doing all of this fitness stuff it has since spread to my wife as well.

In my other post you will recall that she had decided to try the tiara transformation program. Well, she got in touch with an old friend whom had been on a similar fitness and nutrition pursuit herself.

Apparently my wifes old friend Tammy had gotten herself into amazing shape using a new weight loss program called my bikini butt from From what I’ve heard its a living room friendly weight loss program for woman that also focuses on shaping the buttocks and legs through mostly lower body workouts. I think the idea is that the lower body tends to burn the most amount of calories due to the legs being some of the biggest muscles on the body. Adding to that the fact that typically woman want to accentuate this part of themselves the most; you can see why my wife has become intrigued.

So now that my wife has her new program and goal; as well as a new training partner (Tammy) that she will be exercising with. I will have to be sure to not slip up my exercise pursuits myself, or I may be the one falling behind this time.

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