My Wife and Her Tiara Transformation

If you have read my previous post you will know that this old dog is getting himself back in shape to try and keep up with the younger ones. I have so far been seeing great results on my current workout and nutrition regiment. So far I am down about 8lbs, and overall feeling quite a bit more peppy lately. Getting in shape is also great for a creative mind, sometimes we must simply stop learning in order to learn more. A paradox of such that seems to deem true in my case.

I will admit I probably could have lost a bit more weight if I was being stricter. Giving up a lot of carbs was quite difficult the first week, however that has since passed. My real weakness is still wine drinking and deserts. I have been known to have one glass too many or one slice of key lime pie too much.

I will post on that later as I am still in the early stages of my yearly fitness goals. However, this post was geared towards my wifes recent ambitions, that I may have played a contagious role in.

It seems my resolution of achieving a fitter and healthier future has since inspired my wife to take a similar route. Initially she thought the whole thing of me getting into shape was utter bollocks, she expected me to quit within a week (how supportive).

As she ended up seeing my small but steady results and my determination to see this through, I ended up inspiring her to go down a similar path.

Me and my wife have been eating more healthy lately, since I have been following a paleo inspired diet that I discussed in my other post, my wife has slowly transitioned into my nutrition plan without even realizing it.

However, she was not so keen on adapting to my male dominant greek god workout program. We needed to find her a program geared around female weight loss. After a bit of digging around through various workout programs offered online we ended up settling with the tiara transformation system.  The program fits her needs perfectly as it is a female weight loss program created by Tiara Cameron a single mom turned personal trainer, turned fitness model. With a body I’m sure my wife wouldn’t argue with.

So far she is in the early stages of the fitness program but I feel she is enjoying about as much as one can. I can only hope that my determination will rub off on her, or who knows maybe her’s will rub off on me. Either way having a partner in crime is sometimes better then doing things solo, which is what I have always been used too.

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