The Greek God Program & My Fitness Journey

greek god muscleI have spent many hours throughout my life expanding my mind through my ever increasing imagination and creativity. However, in that time I have not given my body and health the same enthusiastic attention. The decade of late night wine drinking and dinner outings has caught up to me, though not overweight I am not quite the spring chicken I used to be.

Therefore, I have decided to take on a new project this year of improving my overall health through planned diet and exercise. My nephew has recommended a new muscle building program known as the greek god program from The name itself piqued my interest, but I always need to see a review or research on a product before I buy it. After reading a few reviews and coupling that with my nephew’s recommendation, I bit the bullet and decided this was going to be my plan of action.

Like most I have attempted to get into shape before and failed. I feel this was a result of improper planning on my part rather than just laziness or lack of motivation. So this year I had decided to have everything planned out ahead of time so there should be no excuse for falling off the wagon.  With the addition of my new and unexpected purchase to this mindset I have adapted, the path to success should be even easier.

On top of that though, I still will be logging my nutritional intake as well as my exercise regiment into a book accordingly. I feel if everything is laid out on paper in front of me I will have a specific goal to meet, exceed or match every week. Making failure a lot harder to achieve than my prior attempts.

I will be digging into the book more and seeing what type of diet it recommends. However, I was planning to opt for a more Paleo like diet focusing primarily on lowering my carbohydrate intake, and most likely increasing fats. I will definitely need to cut back on my wine drinking as well as sweets though. The real culprit, and what needs to be avoided is sugars rather than fats, which is a common misconception for newbies to weight loss. Though I too have been known to be guilty of this. Constantly indulging in too many delicious sugary snacks, while thinking fat was the enemy.

Alas with my new mindset and equipment I am hoping for the best this year.


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