Unlock Your Creativity

Societal demands have led you to revolve your life around your 9-5 job, increasing your stress, worry and problems while blunting the creative spirit inside of you. Family, occupation or academic pressure has led you block your creative passions that need to be surfaced and re-ignited.

Diversify your Cognitive Experiences:

If you are a person that always thinks standing up try doing it sitting down. To get more specific you have probably experienced, read or heard about people having various breakthrough “aha!” or “eureka!” moments at unplanned times or in unplanned situations. Such as in the shower, bath tub or grocery store.  By putting your mind and body through a different stimulus or environment,  it thinks and functions in a different way than before.  This opens new doors in your subconscious allowing your creativity to come from a new angle.

Become More Present

Stop thinking all of the time when talking to people or walking around. Focus on keeping your mind blank at certain times while allowing the world to soak itself in. When you stop trying to think ahead or constantly trying to figure things out and just let them happen, you will be experiencing life in a new light. Creativity and humbleness will begin to flourish itself within you.

There Are No Dumb Questions

Allow yourself to ask dumb question without feeling stupid or embarrassed. We frequently avoid indulging in our curiosity or asking questions we think we should to know at risk of feeling awkward or looking dumb. Embrace the feeling of dumbness and pursue your motivations and questions. This is a doorway to becoming more creative.

Remember the Details

Pay attention to the finer details you normally don’t notice. The color of the bathroom mat, which arm you put into a shirt first when putting it on. This type of thinking can open ways to a more creative you while also improving memory. The next time you go into a restaurant try to remember everything you see around you. Who is sitting to the left, who is standing, what color is the walls, how many pictures are on the left side of the room. This will open the world around you into a new perspective and thought process.

The Artist’s Way

the artists wayThis book has been a big help for me and many in awakening the creative artist inside, and can be a big help for you too. Focusing on banishing your self limitations and driving out the artist within.

The 12 week program will guide you through a process of self realization and fulfillment. The book requires you to do an exercise called morning pages where you write 3 pages immediately upon waking. As boring as it sounds, its actually not and people love and continue to do this long after the book is over.

The second step is artist dates which forces you to  do fun and creative things that you love at least once a week. Most people are constantly waiting for something good to happen to them. This forces you to take action and reap the enjoying rewards you desire.


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